Denver Airport Departures (DEN)

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Destination Airline Flight no. Scheduled Est./Actual Status
Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN381 05:40 05:40 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) American Airlines AA2771 (4) 05:45 05:51 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Aer Lingus EI7185 05:45 05:51 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Iberia IB4014 05:45 05:51 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Jet Linx Aviation JL7323 05:45 05:51 En-Route
Chicago (ORD) Qatar Airways QR2317 05:45 05:51 En-Route
Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN6202 05:45 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN5310 05:50 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Southwest Airlines WN5074 05:55 Scheduled
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1323 06:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA532 (2) 06:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC5386 06:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Copa Airlines CM2742 06:00 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) Frontier F92706 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) Volaris Y42193 06:00 Scheduled
New York (EWR) United Airlines UA2345 06:00 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Southwest Airlines WN3634 06:00 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL817 (2) 06:00 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM3178 06:00 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Korean Air KE3640 06:00 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA573 (3) 06:00 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC5695 06:00 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air New Zealand NZ9070 06:00 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Virgin Australia VA8355 06:00 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1947 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Jet Linx Aviation JL7259 06:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA741 (3) 06:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC5325 06:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ9498 06:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia VA8332 06:00 Scheduled
Omaha (OMA) Frontier F91128 (1) 06:00 Scheduled
Omaha (OMA) Volaris Y42750 06:00 Scheduled
St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN6166 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Delta Air Lines DL2002 (8) 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Aeromexico AM4084 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) China Airlines CI9096 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) China Eastern Airlines MU8712 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) El Al LY4244 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) KLM KL7127 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Korean Air KE7404 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) LATAM Airlines LA6148 06:05 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) WestJet WS7076 06:05 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Southwest Airlines WN2636 06:05 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN5548 06:10 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN4954 06:15 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Delta Air Lines DL1731 (3) 06:15 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) KLM KL6763 06:15 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Korean Air KE3014 06:15 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Virgin Atlantic VS2069 06:15 Scheduled
North Platte (LBF) Key Lime Air KG414 06:15 Scheduled
Durango (DRO) Alpine Air Express 5A1814 06:15 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) American Airlines AA2672 (1) 06:19 Scheduled
Philadelphia (PHL) Aer Lingus EI7342 06:19 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN732 06:20 Scheduled
Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN2104 06:20 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1349 (2) 06:25 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Korean Air KE3816 06:25 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS7261 06:25 Scheduled
San Antonio (SAT) Southwest Airlines WN4195 06:25 Scheduled
Montrose (MTJ) Key Lime Air KG3418 06:30 Scheduled
McCook (MCK) Bemidji Airlines CH1694 06:30 Scheduled
Gunnison (GUC) Key Lime Air KG515 06:30 Scheduled
Hayden (HDN) Alpine Air Express 5A1856 06:30 Scheduled
New York (LGA) Southwest Airlines WN2709 06:30 Scheduled
Rifle (RIL) Bemidji Airlines CH1810 06:30 Scheduled
Trinidad (TAD) Bemidji Airlines CH1806 06:30 Scheduled
Sidney (SNY) Bemidji Airlines CH209 06:30 Scheduled
Casper (CPR) Alpine Air Express 5A1828 06:30 Scheduled
Scottsbluff (BFF) Key Lime Air KG1502 06:30 Scheduled
Riverton (RIW) Key Lime Air KG1725 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Delta Air Lines DL365 (7) 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) China Eastern Airlines MU8710 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) El Al LY4279 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) ITA Airways AZ3376 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Kenya Airways KQ7054 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) KLM KL6761 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) LATAM Airlines LA6341 06:30 Scheduled
New York (JFK) Virgin Atlantic VS4812 06:30 Scheduled
Pueblo (PUB) Key Lime Air KG3219 06:30 Scheduled
Cincinnati (CVG) Frontier F93286 (1) 06:31 Scheduled
Cincinnati (CVG) Volaris Y42515 06:31 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Frontier F93312 (1) 06:31 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Volaris Y48007 06:31 Scheduled
Indianapolis (IND) Southwest Airlines WN2526 06:35 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Frontier F91450 (1) 06:36 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Volaris Y42172 06:36 Scheduled
Washington (DCA) Frontier F9686 06:39 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Frontier F91993 (1) 06:40 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Volaris Y42918 06:40 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2239 06:40 Scheduled
St. Louis (STL) Frontier F96 06:41 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA573 06:44 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Alaska Airlines AS643 (4) 06:45 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Air Tahiti Nui TN2350 06:45 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Jet Linx Aviation JL6365 06:45 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Korean Air KE6122 06:45 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Qatar Airways QR2036 06:45 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) Southwest Airlines WN4761 06:45 Scheduled
Columbus (CMH) Southwest Airlines WN547 06:50 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Frontier F92817 06:51 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Frontier F91362 (1) 06:54 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) Volaris Y42445 06:54 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN635 06:55 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Delta Air Lines DL1745 (3) 07:00 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) KLM KL7179 07:00 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Korean Air KE3390 07:00 Scheduled
Detroit (DTW) Virgin Atlantic VS1716 07:00 Scheduled
Grand Junction (GJT) Key Lime Air KG1848 07:00 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Southwest Airlines WN806 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) American Eagle AA6284 (8) 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Tahiti Nui TN1285 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Alaska Airlines AS4672 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Cathay Pacific CX7506 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Gulf Air GF4356 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Jet Linx Aviation JL7503 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Philippine Airlines PR3911 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Qantas QF3138 07:00 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Qatar Airways QR9400 07:00 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL974 (2) 07:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM3518 07:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) KLM KL7561 07:05 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Southwest Airlines WN6081 07:05 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Southwest Airlines WN570 07:05 Scheduled
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN1324 07:10 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN4412 07:10 Scheduled
New York (LGA) Delta Air Lines DL398 07:15 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) Southwest Airlines WN403 07:15 Scheduled
Pittsburgh (PIT) Southwest Airlines WN3915 07:15 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN951 07:20 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1067 07:20 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Frontier F91608 (1) 07:30 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Volaris Y42124 07:30 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) Southwest Airlines WN382 07:35 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Frontier F93861 07:35 Scheduled
Milwaukee (MKE) Southwest Airlines WN2165 07:35 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) NetJets EJA619 07:36 Scheduled
Oklahoma City (PWA) NetJets EJA619 07:36 Scheduled
Oakland (OAK) Southwest Airlines WN3428 07:40 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) United Airlines UA1481 (1) 07:45 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Air Canada AC3586 07:45 Scheduled
North Platte (LBF) United Express UA5020 07:45 Scheduled
Aspen (ASE) United Express UA4658 07:45 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) United Airlines UA1247 07:45 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) United Airlines UA1409 (1) 07:45 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Air Canada AC5406 07:45 Scheduled
Houston (HOU) Southwest Airlines WN3101 07:45 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) United Express UA5725 (1) 07:45 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Air Canada AC5330 07:45 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) United Airlines UA1159 (1) 07:45 Scheduled
Vancouver (YVR) Air Canada AC3215 07:45 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) United Airlines UA351 (2) 07:45 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Air Canada AC5045 07:45 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Copa Airlines CM2888 07:45 Scheduled
New York (EWR) United Airlines UA627 (2) 07:45 Scheduled
New York (EWR) SAS SK6719 07:45 Scheduled
New York (EWR) TAP Air Portugal TP8471 07:45 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) United Airlines UA1399 07:46 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) United Airlines UA1864 (3) 07:46 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Air Canada AC3433 07:46 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Air New Zealand NZ6504 07:46 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Avianca AV2128 07:46 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) United Express UA4762 (1) 07:46 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Air Canada AC3974 07:46 Scheduled
New York (LGA) United Airlines UA1442 07:46 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) United Airlines UA1254 (1) 07:49 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Air Canada AC4043 07:49 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) United Airlines UA1101 (2) 07:49 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Brussels Airlines SN8810 07:49 Scheduled
Washington (IAD) Copa Airlines CM2869 07:49 Scheduled
Williston (XWA) United Express UA5293 07:50 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) United Airlines UA1811 (2) 07:50 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Air Canada AC3565 07:50 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Copa Airlines CM2743 07:50 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN762 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) United Airlines UA1093 (5) 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air Canada AC3467 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Air New Zealand NZ9490 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Asiana Airlines OZ6255 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Avianca AV2005 07:50 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Virgin Australia VA8325 07:50 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) United Express UA4681 (1) 07:52 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) Air Canada AC3218 07:52 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) United Airlines UA528 (5) 07:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air Canada AC3600 07:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air China CA7229 07:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Air New Zealand NZ9066 07:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) All Nippon Airways NH7311 07:55 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Virgin Australia VA8347 07:55 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2384 07:55 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Frontier F92148 (1) 07:59 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) Volaris Y42934 07:59 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) United Airlines UA2666 (1) 08:00 Scheduled
Santa Ana (SNA) Air Canada AC5491 08:00 Scheduled
Bozeman (BZN) Mesa Airlines UA6172 08:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Delta Air Lines DL1736 (3) 08:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) KLM KL5755 08:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Virgin Atlantic VS1554 08:00 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) WestJet WS7153 08:00 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) United Airlines UA2149 (1) 08:00 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Air Canada AC4311 08:00 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) United Airlines UA397 (1) 08:00 Scheduled
San Jose (SJC) Air Canada AC4075 08:00 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Air Canada AC1038 (2) 08:00 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) Austrian Airlines OS8310 08:00 Scheduled
Toronto (YYZ) United Airlines UA8456 08:00 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) United Express UA5246 (1) 08:01 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) Air Canada AC4190 08:01 Scheduled
Cancun (CUN) United Airlines UA1692 (1) 08:02 Scheduled
Cancun (CUN) Air Canada AC5590 08:02 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) United Airlines UA2316 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Air Canada AC4577 08:05 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) Southwest Airlines WN5883 08:05 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) United Airlines UA456 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
Austin (AUS) Air Canada AC4931 08:05 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) American Airlines AA1404 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Alaska Airlines AS6297 08:05 Scheduled
Sheridan (SHR) SkyWest Airlines UA5047 08:05 Scheduled
Boston (BOS) United Airlines UA284 08:05 Scheduled
San Antonio (SAT) Frontier F92356 (1) 08:05 Scheduled
San Antonio (SAT) Volaris Y42385 08:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Delta Air Lines DL559 (4) 08:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Aeromexico AM3696 08:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) KLM KL8137 08:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) LATAM Airlines LA6411 08:05 Scheduled
Atlanta (ATL) Virgin Atlantic VS3106 08:05 Scheduled
Burbank (BUR) Southwest Airlines WN777 08:10 Scheduled
Seattle (SEA) Southwest Airlines WN2911 08:10 Scheduled
Nashville (BNA) United Airlines UA522 08:11 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Frontier F92210 (1) 08:11 Scheduled
Chicago (MDW) Volaris Y42043 08:11 Scheduled
Dallas (ADS) NetJets EJA647 08:12 Scheduled
Cancun (CUN) Frontier F970 (1) 08:13 Scheduled
Cancun (CUN) Volaris Y42002 08:13 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) American Airlines AA1720 (1) 08:15 Scheduled
Miami (MIA) GOL Linhas Aereas G36077 08:15 Scheduled
Sioux City (SUX) United Express UA5023 08:15 Scheduled
Laramie (LAR) United Express UA5059 08:15 Scheduled
Houston (IAH) Southwest Airlines WN2048 08:15 Scheduled
Charlotte (CLT) American Airlines AA880 08:16 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) United Airlines UA425 (3) 08:18 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Air Canada AC5064 08:18 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Avianca AV2289 08:18 Scheduled
Orlando (MCO) Copa Airlines CM1079 08:18 Scheduled
St. Louis (STL) Southwest Airlines WN3469 08:20 Scheduled
Chicago (ORD) Southwest Airlines WN941 08:25 Scheduled
Dodge City (DDC) United Express UA5033 08:27 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Southwest Airlines WN4413 08:30 Scheduled
Devils Lake (DVL) United Express UA5051 08:30 Scheduled
Billings (BIL) United Express UA5574 (1) 08:30 Scheduled
Billings (BIL) Air Canada AC3941 08:30 Scheduled
Kansas City (MCI) Southwest Airlines WN2495 08:30 Scheduled
Portland (PDX) Southwest Airlines WN6122 08:30 Scheduled
San Francisco (SFO) Southwest Airlines WN3359 08:35 Scheduled
Boise (BOI) Southwest Airlines WN2655 08:35 Scheduled
Ontario (ONT) Southwest Airlines WN2542 08:40 Scheduled
Spokane (GEG) Southwest Airlines WN2001 08:40 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN396 08:40 Scheduled
Tucson (TUS) Southwest Airlines WN4816 08:40 Scheduled
Long Beach (LGB) Southwest Airlines WN4927 08:45 Scheduled
Sacramento (SMF) Southwest Airlines WN1672 08:45 Scheduled
Minneapolis (MSP) Southwest Airlines WN647 08:45 Scheduled
Long Beach (LGB) Flexjet LXJ507 08:45 Scheduled
Las Vegas (LAS) Southwest Airlines WN2385 08:50 Scheduled
San Diego (SAN) Southwest Airlines WN910 08:50 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) Delta Air Lines DL2268 (2) 08:51 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) KLM KL5757 08:51 Scheduled
Salt Lake City (SLC) WestJet WS7100 08:51 Scheduled
Los Angeles (LAX) Southwest Airlines WN1821 09:05 Scheduled
Pueblo (PUB) Southern Airways Express 9X341 09:05 Scheduled
Bozeman (BZN) Southwest Airlines WN1280 09:10 Scheduled
Dallas (DFW) American Airlines AA1523 09:11 Scheduled
Montrose (MTJ) Southwest Airlines WN3419 09:15 Scheduled
Oklahoma City (OKC) Southwest Airlines WN2011 09:15 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) Frontier F91114 (1) 09:15 Scheduled
Tampa (TPA) Volaris Y42597 09:15 Scheduled
Dallas (DAL) Southwest Airlines WN143 09:20 Scheduled
Omaha (OMA) Southwest Airlines WN1374 09:30 Scheduled
Phoenix (PHX) Southwest Airlines WN2059 09:30 Scheduled
Baltimore (BWI) Southwest Airlines WN952 09:30 Scheduled
San Jose del Cabo (SJD) Southwest Airlines WN722 09:30 Scheduled
Albuquerque (ABQ) Southwest Airlines WN5924 09:30 Scheduled
Colorado Springs (COS) Southwest Airlines WN2502 09:30 Scheduled

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Flight Departures at Denver Airport

Denver Airport consists of one large terminal and three concourses (A, B and C). There are three separate security screening areas in the main Jeppesen Terminal. Two are in the central area and one is on the north side of the terminal. After passing through a security screening area, passengers are allowed into the secure air side of the airport.

Level 6 is the Departures Level of Denver Airport. Passengers can be dropped-off for their flight at this level. Level 5 is the Ground Transportation Level where passengers would arrive at the airport by Denver airport bus or denver airport taxi. Level 5 is also where Denver Airport car rentals are handled.

Transport for passengers within the airport is necessary as the concourses are located at quite a distance from the Jeppesen Terminal. Denver Airport has an efficient train system, the AGTS, for this transportation. The train can be used to reach all three of the concourses, or passengers can use the passenger bridge to reach Concourse A. Elevators within the terminal lead down to the underground AGTS service.

Concourse A contains gates A24 to A68 and serves various domestic and international carriers. Domestic carriers include Continental, Frontier, Frontier JetExpress (Horizon), Great Lakes and jetBlue. International carriers include Mexicana, Air Canada, Lufthansa and British Airways.

Concourse B contains gates B15 to B 95 and is the hub of United Airlines and United Express.

Concourse C contains gates C28 to C50 and serves various non-major airlines, including AirTran, American, BigSky, Delta, Midwest, Northwest, Alaska/Horizon, Southwest and US Airways.

Passengers should arrive at Denver Airport in good time for their flight. It is recommended to reach the main terminal building at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure. More time may be needed if you are travelling with young children, a baby, a disabled passenger or an elderly person. Each airline has different cut-off times for checking bags and reaching the gates, therefore passengers should contact their airline for more specific details. Only passengers with a boarding pass from their airline will be allowed to pass through the security screening areas.

Checking in Before Departure

Passengers are required to have the correct form of government-issued photo ID when checking in at the ticket counter. Your airline can confirm the ID requirements for children.

Some airlines offer their passengers the option to check-in their luggage at curbside. This can be a faster and more convenient option than checking in at the ticket counter. Try to minimize the amount of bags that you take onto the airplane by checking in most of your luggage. This will help to speed up the security screening process, although checked bags are still examined by security personnel. The first checked bag, per person, is usually for free by most airlines, but there may be a charge for checking a second bag. All bags should have adequate identification on the outside and the inside.

Carry On Luggage

Luggage carried onto the airplane should be able to fit under the seat or in the overhead bin. Their dimensions should not be greater than 9-inches by 14-inches by 22-inches (length by height by width). The length, height and width should not be more than 45 linear inches when added together.

Only one carry-on bag and one personal item is allowed per passenger. Personal items can include items like a purse, briefcase or laptop. Personal items that are usually not allowed as carry-on luggage include child safety seats for ticketed children, assistive devices such as crutches or canes, and outer clothing garments such as coats or hats.

Denver Airport is fully equipped for disabled passengers. There are plenty of disabled parking spaces in most of the parking areas and elevators that provide access to all the high-traffic sections of the airport. The train service can accommodate disabled persons and electric carts are available for help in crossing the passenger bridge.

Information and assistance at Denver Airport can be acquired from any of the information booths in the main terminal or concourses. The airport’s Hospitality Ambassadors or Guest Services staff can also provide assistance.

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Denver Airport achieved a new record in passenger numbers during the first quarter. There was a notable increase of 19% compared to the same period last year. Compared to the pre-pandemic figures of the first quarter, the numbers surpassed them by an impressive 15%.