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At Denver International Airport there is an amazing train system to help passengers reach their destination within the airport. The train system is vital to the efficient functioning of the airport, because it is just too large to navigate on foot. There is no train station for transportation to central Denver at the airport, but there is the Light Rail service that passengers can use once they are in the city.

The train system at Denver Airport is called the Automated Guideway Transit System, or AGTS. The AGTS connects the airport’s main Jeppesen Terminal to the three concourses, A, B and C. There are four trains that run under automatic control, and the whole system is situated underground, beneath the airport. Two tunnels allow for the trains to operate in both directions. Each train has four cars and they carry about 8,300 passengers per hour in each direction. The AGTS has seven stations where passengers can get on or off the trains. In total, it is a round trip of about 2.4 miles. The trains provide very quick transportation and complete the trip in only 11 minutes.

The AGTS is such an essential service to passengers, and it was therefore built and designed with extreme reliability and safety in mind. The doors of the train open automatically when it arrives at each station and are equipped with sensors that will not allow them to close if the opening is not clear. When arriving at a station, the train cars automatically lower or raise themselves to be at the same floor height of the platform. This allows for easy entry and exit by the passengers. The AGTS is fully capable of handling physically disabled passengers. Large windows on the train allow passengers to see the art work displayed in the tunnels and the upcoming stations.

The trains and tunnels are equipped for emergency situations. There are smoke alarms in the tunnels, and an emergency walkway with exits every 400m, in case of an evacuation. The stations and the trains have audio and visual announcements to provide passengers with information.

Elevators are used to get to the underground level of the AGTS service. In the main terminal they are located in the two security screening areas. All the concourses have elevators located in their central areas.

A massive passenger bridge links Concourse A to the Jeppesen Terminal. The bridge has a top level and a lower level. The higher level leads passengers from the arrival areas to the terminal for FIS and Customs processing. Domestic passengers can use the lower level to reach the main terminal.

Denver Light Rail Services

A convenient way to travel in Denver is by using the Light Rail service. There are 36 stations and 19 of them have Park-n-Ride lots.

Light Rail tickets can be purchased from the vending machines at the stations. These tickets will be automatically validated by the machine. RTD passes or bus transfers can also be used. If you have bought a ticket book, your ticket must first be validated in the ticket validator before boarding the train.

To ensure that you are catching the correct train, take note of the train signs. They indicated the Light Rail line and its final destination. The Light Rail tracks indicate whether the train is going to the South or to the North. The trains stop at each station and the doors open automatically once the train has stopped. Otherwise, passengers can open the doors by pushing the ‘Open Door’ button near the stairwell at each door.

The Light Rail service is completely wheelchair accessible, with ramps at each station. Operators can offer assistance for getting on or off the trains.

Which Train services/routes have stops at Denver Airport?

Union Station to Denver Airport Station

Train Service Operated By Regional Transportation District

Where are the Train Stops at Denver Airport?

Train Station Name Latitude Longitude View on Map
Denver Airport Station 39.846725 -104.673986 View
Map of Train Stops at Denver Airport